Cluster bomb of new research explodes tobacco industry lies about plain packs
The Conversation, 19 March 2015
Simon Chapman, Professor of Public Health, University of Sydney
There is near-universal agreement that Australia’s implementation of tobacco plain packaging in December 2012 has seen the most virulent opposition ever experienced from the global tobacco industry.
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Australian study finds plant amino acid helps ease smoking addiction; could be tested on ice addicts
ABC News, 16 March 2015
Australian researchers want to trial an amino acid usually found in vegetables on smoking addicts after positive results in a small overseas study.
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Smoking while pregnant increases risk of daughters developing ovarian and breast cancer
Canberra Times, 5 March 2015
Women who smoke cigarettes while pregnant are putting their daughters at risk of developing ovarian and breast cancer, according to new research from the Australian National University.
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Call for ACT government to help disadvantaged Canberrans quit smoking
Canberra Times, 2 March 2015
The ACT’s peak drug body has called on the territory government to address a disparity in smoking rates among disadvantaged communities after the release of alarming research from the Australian National University.
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Smoking ‘worse than previously thought’: two thirds expected to die early
Canberra Times, 25 February 2015
Two thirds of Australian smokers will be killed by their habit unless they are able to quit, according to a new study from the Australian National University.
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Smoking ‘epidemic’ likely to kill two our of three Australian smokers: mortality study
ABC News, 25 February 2015
Two out of three smokers, or about 1.8 million Australians, will die because of their habit, the first large-scale Australian study on the link between smoking and mortality shows.
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The financial cost of smoking hits harder than academic research
Canberra Times, 24 February 2015
New research into mortality rates for smokers may disturb public health officials, but for many Canberrans it is the sheer cost of smoking that prompts them to break the habit.
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Smoking: new Australian data to die (or live) for
The Conversation, 24 February 2015
Simon Chapman, Professor of Public Health, University of Sydney
A new study of deaths from all causes in New South Wales published today in BMC Medicine (open access) reports both some very bad and very good news about smoking.
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More health groups call for e-cigarettes ban despite objections from retailers
Canberra Times, 10 February 2015
The Cancer Council and the Australian Medical Association have called for the restricted sale of non-nicotine e-cigarettes and advertising bans consistent with tobacco regulations, despite objections from retailers.
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Health groups calls on the ACT government to ban e-cigarettes
Canberra Times, 8 February 2015
Health groups have again called for the ACT to regulate e-cigarettes, as the NSW state government announces plans to ban their sale to minors.
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E-cigarette reform ignites controversy with 242 submissions and accusations of bias
Canberra Times, 2 February 2015
The ACT Government has been swamped with submissions from health and industry groups regarding the potential changes to the use and sale of personal vaporisers or e-cigarettes.
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E-cigarettes popular among adolescents, not long-term smokers, Cancer Council warns
ABC News, 5 January 2015
Health advocates have warned e-cigarettes are being taken up by young people rather than helping long-term smokers to quit.
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Heart Foundation calls for tough rules on e-cigarettes in the ACT
Canberra Times, 28 December 2014
Electronic cigarettes should be banned in smoke-free areas in Canberra and there should be restrictions on the sales of personal vaporisers in the ACT, according to the Heart Foundation.
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Big Tobacco distributes report bullying plain packaging laws
Canberra Times, 27 November 2014
The two biggest tobacco companies in Australia have begun a campaign to undermine the nation’s plain packaging laws, ahead of a Department of Health review of the effectiveness of the regulations.
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Canberrans smoking less, but more likely to engage in risky drinking, new research shows
Canberra Times, 25 November 2014
People in the ACT are least likely to smoke daily but compared to the national average, more likely to drink alcohol in risky quantities and exceed risk guidelines, according to new research.
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Cigarettes and junk food dominate supermarket sales growth
Canberra Times, 22 November 2014
Australians now spend 10 per cent of the nation’s annual grocery bill on tobacco products, and one in every five dollars spent at supermarkets goes on cigarettes or junk food, according to confidential industry data.
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Health risks of nicotine cast doubt on ‘safer’ e-cigarette
The Conversation, 19 November 2014
Ross MacKenzie, Lecturer in Health Studies, Macquarie University
Benjamin Hawkins, Lecturer in Global Health Policy, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Thomas Novotny, Professor of Global Health, San Diego State University
British American Tobacco Australia has lobbied Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration to have electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) classified as a harm-reduction pharmaceutical product. If successful, this would allow media advertising for e-cigarettes similar to that seen for nicotine replacement products.
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Electronic cigarette crackdown considered by ACT Government
ABC News, 12 November 2014
The ACT Government is considering subjecting the sale and use of electronic cigarettes to the same laws as conventional cigarettes.
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Katy wants your thoughts on vaping
CityNews, 12 November 2014
Katy Gallagher has released a discussion paper on the sale and use of personal vaporisers, known as e-cigarettes, in the ACT.
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More smokers support plain packaging, an International Tobacco Control survey shows
Canberra Times, 11 November 2014
More smokers are supportive of cigarette plain-packaging laws than against them, marking an important cultural shift, new research reveals.
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ACT Government to release discussion paper on regulating e-cigarette use
Canberra Times, 11 November 2014
People under the age of 18 could be banned from buying e-cigarettes, as the ACT Government considers ways to regulate their use and reduce consumer appeal.
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Canberra’s who throw away lit cigarettes face harsher fines
Canberra Times, 28 October 2014 
Canberrans who throw away lit cigarettes face harsher on-the-spot fines under a range of new powers granted to emergency services.
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Plain packs help deter young smokers as uptake drops to new low
The Conversation, 18 July 2014 
Becky Freeman, Research Fellow/Lecturer, University of Sydney
The 2013 National Drug Strategy Household Survey shows real promise that this is occurring, with the percentage of 18- to 24-year-olds who have never smoked increasing to 77% from 72% in 2010. The number of 12- to 17-year-olds who have never smoked held steady at a near universal 95%.
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Plain packet smokes all taste the same
The Conversation, 16 July 2014 
University of Newcastle
Long-term smokers are finding it harder to differentiate between cigarette brands since the introduction of plain packaging, according to a new Australian study.
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Is big tobacco abandoning smokes for e-cigarettes?
The Conversation, 9 July 2014 
Becky Freeman, Research Fellow/Lecturer, University of Sydney
E-cigarettes. For a product barely anyone had heard of five years ago, they now seem to be on everyone’s lips. While much has been written about the safety of these products and their potential to either support or sabotage efforts to reduce smoking rates, it’s timely to consider why the global tobacco industry has taken such a keen interest in buying e-cigarette companies.
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Australia wins first battle in plain packaging trade dispute
Canberra Times, 3 July 2014 
Australia has had a victory in the first step of the plain packaging challenge being played out in an international investment tribunal.
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Plain packaging pushes cigarette sales down
Canberra Times, 23 June 2014  
The federal Treasury has entered the debate over cigarette sales, publishing previously secret information that shows sales falling since the introduction of graphic health warnings and plain packaging.
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Profits, death and disease: big tobacco’s business model
The Conversation, 20 June 2014  
Rob Moodle, Professor of Public Health, University of Melbourne
Lung cancer, a leg amputation, or gasping for air as a result of emphysema are not fun ways of ending one’s life. All are common outcomes of smoking, and if current global patterns of smoking continue – 50% of young men and 10% of young women becoming smokers – one billion people are estimated to die this century. And they will be mainly from low- and middle-income countries.
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Health and Community Leaders Tackle Tobacco and Disadvantage
ATODA – Under 10% – Media Release, 30 May 2014 
“Health and community services are ideal settings and partners in reducing smoking rates in disadvantaged groups and ACT services are leading the charge… 18 services are engaged in the Under 10% Project… These ACT leaders are tackling tobacco and disadvantage by reviewing smoke-free policies, changing their practices to de-normalise smoking, supporting staff to quit and training staff to build their confidence in delivering smoking cessation advice and referrals.”
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Nearly half of substance abuse treatment facilities offer tobacco cessation services
SAMHSA News Release, 17 June 2014  
In 2012, nearly half of the nation’s substance use treatment facilities offered counseling or medications to help clients quit tobacco use, according to a report by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Among the programs offering these tobacco use cessation services, 39 percent offered counseling, 22 percent offered nicotine replacement medication, and 16 percent offered non-nicotine medication.
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Heart disease on the rise in young people
Canberra Times, 13 June 2014  
The number of young people admitted to hospital with heart disease and stroke has jumped by 30 per cent in the past 10 years, with experts warning obesity and binge smoking are to blame.
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Canberra Hospitals going completely smoke free
Citynews, 3 June 2014  
The ACT’s Chief Health Officer has announced the ACT’s hospital campuses will be completely smoke free from September.
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Campaign Launched on World No Tobacco Day
Australian Government, 31 May 2014  
The Australian Government has launched a new phase of the National Tobacco Campaign to coincide with World No Tobacco Day.
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ACT scoops tobacco reform award
Canberra Times, 23 May 2014  
The ACT has been recognised for its tough stand on tobacco reform, with the territory winning a national award for efforts to encourage people to butt out.
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Experts warn World Health Organisation to stay strong on e-cigarettes
Canberra Times, 16 June 2014  
Australian health experts are leading an international attack on e-cigarettes, warning they are increasingly being bought up by tobacco companies and are misleading the public with claims about their safety and efficacy.
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E-Cigarettes: Should we inhale?
ABC News, 6 June 2014  
Electronic cigarettes. Are they saving the lives of countless smokers across the world? Or are they simply big tobacco’s latest con-job?
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Electronic cigarettes: hope from the hype may harm your health
The Conversation, 3 June 2014  
Simon Chapman, Professor of Public Health, University of Sydney
As usual the Budget papers shed some light on exactly where the ACT Government will take more money out of individual budgets from July 1 in order to shore up its own.
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Doctors urge WHO not to stamp out e-cigarettes
Canberra Times, 30 May 2014  
The e-cigarette has been pushed centre stage before World No Tobacco Day, as doctors and Policy experts urge the UN’s health agency to embrace the gadget as a life saver.
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Smoke free future for ACT Health
ACT Government, 6 June 2014
In recognition of World No Tobacco Day held on 31 May 2014, ACT Health Director General Dr Peggy Brown has confirmed support for the upcoming implementation of completely smoke free campuses at Canberra Hospital and Calvary Hospital.
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Cigarettes onto roads Canberra’s leading source of filth 
City News, 18 April 2014  
55.2% of rubbish items in the ACT are cigarette butts.
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Electronic cigarettes: the truth behind the smoke and mirrors
Canberra Times, 27 April 2014  
The debate over the health and legal implications of e-cigarette use has divided experts across the world. Local authorities will now need to face up to the issue after e-cigarettes were banned in Western Australia.
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Smokers defy bans at Canberra Hospital
Canberra Times, 13 April 2014
Canberra Hospital’s smoking bans are being widely flouted, with nearly 600 people on campus cautioned for lighting up in forbidden areas.
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No ifs, no butts, Canberra Hospital to be totally smoke-free
Canberra Times, 6 April 2014
Smoking will be banned entirely on Canberra Hospital grounds from September, as the ACT government continues moves to wipe out cigarette use.
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Study of indigenous smokers provides new strategies for quit campaigns
Canberra Times, 6 April 2014
Celebrity endorsements do little to sell the quit-smoking message to indigenous communities, but researchers have found that examples set by family and friends who stub out have a big impact on those around them.
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England set to follow Australia on plain packaging
ABC News, 4 April 2014
The UK government has moved a significant step closer to the introduction of plain packaging for cigarettes. After a report on the issue was released, which drew heavily on the Australian experience, the Health Minister said she was now ‘minded’ to press ahead with the measure in England.
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Change in attitude to smoking bans a breath of fresh air
The Courier, 3 April 2014
It wasn’t so long ago that increased restrictions on smoking areas would lead to a public outcry. The debate has certainly turned full circle, if this week’s reaction to state government plans to ban smoking from playgrounds and children’s sporting venues is anything to be believed.
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Higher fees, less hours to sell tobacco proposed for ACT
Canberra Times, 31 March 2014
The ACT Government is considering a big hike in licence fees to sell tobacco, suggesting fees could be doubled or more this year, with substantial increases each year to follow.
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Labor says tobacco laws will survive
Skynews, 30 March 2014
Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek says she is confident Indonesia will not defeat the party’s signature plain tobacco packaging rules in a global trade dispute.
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Public smoking bans linked to healthier kids
The Conversation, 28 March 2014
Maastricht University Medical Centre
Bans on public smoking may lead to drops in childhood asthma and premature births, new research shows.
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Tobacco sales edge up despite plain packaging
Sydney Morning Herald, 24 March 2014
Deliveries of tobacco to retailers in Australia rose slightly last year for the first time in at least five years, even after the introduction of plain packaging aimed at deterring smokers, according to industry sales figures.
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Senate poll in WA: Scott Ludlam’s hopes may go up in smoke
Canberra Times, 24 March 2014
The Greens senator’s campaign for re-election in WA has been hit by claims he is actually a social conservative on one important issue to many young people: the legalisation of marijuana and other drugs.
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New smoking link to breast cancer
7 News, 19 March 2014
Smoking increases the risk of breast cancer in older women by almost a fifth, a study has found.
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Australia gets cigarette butt recycle scheme with TerraCycle
Canberra Times, 4 March 2014
For the first time in Australia, cigarette butts will be able to be recycled to become industrial plastic products, including shipping pallets, railway sleepers and even ashtrays.
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Quitting smoking reduces stress, depression and anxiety
The Conversation, 14 February 2014
Fron Jackson-Webb, Section Editor, The Conversation
Jayashri Kulkarni, Professor of Psychiatry, Monash University
Sharon Lawn, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, Flinders University
Quitting smoking is associated with reduced depression and anxiety, and has a similar effect to antidepressant drugs for mood disorders, British researchers have found.
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No butts about it: cigarettes are pick of the litter in the ACT
Canberra Times, 13 February 2014
Compared to the shopping trolleys and pushbikes hauled out of our lakes in their dozens each year, cigarette butts might seem a small problem.
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US chain CVS stops tobacco sales: over to you, Coles and Woolworths
The Conversation, 7 February 2014
Craig Dalton, Conjoint Senior Lecturer, School of Medicine and Public Health, University of Newcastle
The announcement by CVS, one of the largest drug store chains in the United States, that it will cease selling tobacco by October this year will have Coles’ and Woolworths’ public relations in a spin.
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Indigenous anti-smoking project claims success
SBS News, 5 February 2014
A new anti-smoking program for Indigenous Australians highlights the importance of ongoing support and education to be successful.
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Beyond statistics: the hidden face of smoking-related cancer
The Conversation, 20 January 2014
Simon Chapman, Professor (Public Health), University of Sydney
‘(…) but statistics on tobacco deaths have become banal for many. People rationalise that life’s a jungle of risks, that feeling fine or seeing longevity in a smoking relative means that they are bullet-proof, and cling to self-exempting beliefs like air pollution causes most lung cancer or that putting on some weight if they quit is more dangerous than smoking.’
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Bushfire smoke harms the lungs like cigarette smoke 
The Conversation, 17 January 2014 
Elizabeth Cassidy, Editor, The Conversation
Bushfire smoke can damage the lungs in a similar way to smoking-related emphysema, according to a study from the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research.
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Calls to Quitline soar after plain packaging laws 
Canberra Times, 14 January 2014 
Australia’s world-leading introduction of plain cigarette packaging appears to have triggered a significant spike in callers to Quitline.
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New curriculum reviewer was an education consultant to tobacco giant Phillip Morris
Canberra Times, 12 January 2014
The education guru tasked with reforming Australia’s national curriculum by the federal government was previously employed by tobacco firm Phillip Morris to design a school program teaching children about peer pressure and decision making that did not discuss the health dangers of smoking.
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Health Check: how harmful is social smoking? 
The Conversation, 6 January 2014 
Ian Olver, Clinical Professor of Oncology, Cancer Council Australia
‘If you only light up when you’re drinking or out with friends, you probably don’t identify as a smoker or consider the health impact of the occasional fag. Social smokers don’t usually smoke every day but consume a low level of tobacco over a long period.’
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No compo for ex-soldier who smoked to ‘fit in with fellow troops’
Canberra Times, 31 December 2013
A former Australian soldier who claimed he developed lung disease after taking up smoking in the Army to ”fit in” with fellow troops has lost a bid for workers’ compensation.
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NACCHO Aboriginal Health News Alerts
25 January 2014
NACCHO Smoke Free News: Indigenous smoking rates declining.
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