Why Become a Project Partner?

To improve your workplace safety, health and productivity by:

•  Engaging in a positive, evidence-based quality improvement initiative

•  Reducing worker, visitor and client / consumer exposure to environmental tobacco smoke

•  Strengthening compliance with Work Health & Safety and Workers Compensation legislation (see the ‘Legislation Fact Sheet‘).

•  Embedding and communicating sustainable change through organisational policies and procedures


To improve your colleagues’ capacity and confidence to manage tobacco by:

•  Modelling and promoting healthy behaviours to colleagues, visitors and clients/consumers

•  Engaging workers to better managing tobacco and smoking behaviours

•  Supporting workers to manage tobacco withdrawal at work

•  Building the confidence and competence of workers to undertake tobacco related interventions


To address the disproportionate burden of tobacco-related harms by:

•  Prioritising tobacco and recognising its disproportionate effects on people experiencing disadvantage

•  Becoming a part of a health and community sector led campaign to address health inequalities related to tobacco in the ACT

•  Demonstrating internal organisational and cross-sectoral leadership on the importance to managing tobacco in our services


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Last Updated 14 February 2014


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